It's Wayne.

šŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Wayne.

Bergkamp Ho is my network ID.

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with 14+ years of experience in fintech, software engineering and marketing industry.

I've refined my skills in building beautiful and functional interfaces. This includes everything from the design concept to a production-ready application, all aimed to drive business success.

Welcome to my personal website where I share my knowledge, experience, and the projects that I've worked on.

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Front-end development

I'm fluent with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I love mobile. I make websites responsive to any type of device or any screen size, implementing effects with pure CSS3 or React.js for complex interactions.

I also extend my skills in Flutter for iOS and Android, providing seamless UX, efficient code reuse, and quicker development.

Back-end development

Iā€™m a open source lover with experience in Linux, Node.js and Go environment.

I specialize to implement websites with custom business logic such as Content Management System or shopping cart with payment gateway integration.

I deploy software to cloud platforms like AWS, using robust CICD processes for efficient delivery.

3rd-party integration

I'm also familiar with the integration of popular social platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and WeChat. I can use social platform plugins or APIs to increase visitor engagement.

Additionally, I can implement tracking on websites to analyze visitor behaviors and site performance.

Recent projects

Pampers Songify Campaign

Pampers Songify Campaign

viction:ary Online Store

viction:ary Online Store

IPC++ Foodlab CMS

IPC++ Foodlab CMS

AIA Flipbook

AIA Flipbook

Hanbo Enterprises Limited Website

Hanbo Enterprises Limited Website

Global Institute For Tomorrow Website

Global Institute For Tomorrow Website

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I'm Available for Full-time or Freelance Work

Please send me email at You can also connect my LinkedIn profile.