I Love Type (vol.8)

I Love Times

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Editor and designer: TwoPoints.net

Specs: 160 x 230 mm, 160 pp

Format: full colour, softcover

Release date: April 2014

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-19439-7-2



Updated as Times New Roman in 1932 and subsequently gain the name “Times Old Roman”, Times was originally commissioned and used by British newspaper The Times until Stanley Morison publicly criticised it for being badly printed in paper and typographically behind the times. Although more known as a book or print type nowadays, Times and its modern variants also speak a variety of sensations and messages in everyday life besides annual reports and office correspondence. Stanley Morison was later assigned to supervise the redesign of Times in collaboration with the Monotype Corporation.


After Futura (Vol.1), Avant Garde (Vol.2), Bodoni (Vol.3), DIN (Vol.4), Gill Sans (Vol.5), Franklin Gothic (Vol.6) and Helvetica (Vol.7), it’s time for Times. Masterly produced in hands with TwoPoints.Net, I Love Times is set to present the classic serif and its derivatives anew with a remarkable array of Times-inspired designs.

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