I Love Type (vol.7)

I Love Helvetica

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Editor and designer: TwoPoints.net

Specs: 160 x 230 mm, 160 pp

Format: full colour, softcover

Release date: April 2014

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-19439-4-1


Taking in the efficiency of the early sans-serifs but more oblong with a greater consistency of stroke weight, Helvetica has proliferated and continued to take over the world of design and advertising since Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger designed it in 1957, as commissioned by Edüard Hoffmann from Haas Type Foundry. Its Swiss sublimity has extended to languages as varied as Latin, Greek, Japanese and Korean, and inspired variants, including the better-known Neue Helvetica introduced in 1983.

I Love Helvetica is a crucial addition to the I Love Type series, examining how the type classic shines in modern communication without compromising its much-loved qualities. Masterly produced in hands with TwoPoints.Net, I Love Type series also covers Futura (Vol.1), Avant Garde (Vol.2), Bodoni (Vol.3), DIN (Vol.4), Gill Sans (Vol. 5), and Franklin Gothic (Vol.6).

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